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5 YT Link To NES Games With Stunning Music

If There Is One Thing An Entire Generation Has In Common Is Playing NES Long Hours. Let´s Take A Trip To Those Glory Days With The Awesome Music Of These Great NES Games.

#0 Shoplyfter

Shoplyfter - stealing from shops punishedThis adult only series is awesome. Shoplyfter features interrogations in backrooms of retail shops that are owned by very perverted people. But they are doing the right thing – stealing from their shops is not only illegal but punished severely. How? Take a look at weekly-updated list of episodes. You will know quite fast!

#1 Tetris

Who in their thirties and forties hasn´t played Tetris until they had bleeding thumbs? Well, if that´s your case too, you surely remember the Russian compositions that sped up as things got more difficult.


#2 Super Mario Bros

Perhaps the most classic of all NES games is this strange story of the plumbing Mario Brothers and their quest to save the princess. There are versions of the main theme in all sorts of instruments from all over the world and as soon as we hear two notes, we know it´s them. It is a kind of electronic tarantella with some eighties flavors in it for a perfect mix.



This Konami-created video game is a strange crossover between a Rambo-era characterization and the Japanese vision of the future. As such, the soundtrack is futuristic, rocking and great for shooting non-stop.


#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

Another timeless classic for an entire generation (maybe even two) is the theme for this video game that was also a movie, a comic series and a video series. The game itself wasn´t much of a hit, but as soon as we hear “Cowabunga” we´re immediately transported to the underground world and get pizza-hungry.


#5 Mega Man 2

This is a great sample of what a great musician can do with 8-bit technology. The melodies and the beat are compelling and the atmosphere created for one of Capcom´s main superheroes is just great. Yoshihiro Sakaguchi is very influenced by western 80s music and the beats could very well be a part of any of the hit records of that decade.