What are the Top -2 NES Games, music themes?

London Philharmonic Orchestra performance recorded and added on to the musical clips to make the prominent theme music for this NES game. First and foremost of all it is just obviously, the Ninja Gaiden II “Act 2.0 -2.0 ” which is rated as number one in the industry today. The classical extravaganza inspires and excites the moods of the listeners ever time. We can rate the Final Fantasy III ‘s “Eternal Wind” to be the second one in the rankings, as the composer has already acclaimed enough laurels to add on his feats of achievements.

What is the rating for Super Mario Bros. 2.0 “Overworld”?

It is ranked as number 7 in the list. The rating shows the merits of the music. Yet, this music used to be number three earlier, and later on declined over a period now. The sheer competent themes are for Castlevanias II “Bloody Tears” as well as Metroids “Brinstar”. Out of all the three, you can draw a line of discretion in the tones and musical beats. Yet, you will find this one to be the most elusive. Yes, it is The Legend of Zeldas “Opening”. It is made with sheer passion by the makers that you will not miss to listen to it as and when you come across the musical notes in any place.

How about DuckTales “The Moon”?

The rankings denote  the worth of the music theme and the number of fans for the game. The ranking is in the seventh position now. Yet, there are so many fans that are actively following the social media forums meant for this game and talk quite a lot about this fabulous musical theme. Listings on the YouTube are on the higher side for this game, with most number of views, on the site. Soundcloud downloads are hitting higher numbers as well. Therefore, if you are passionate about using the best music that is loved by a majority out there, based on the class, then it could just be this one, in particular. Oriental musical lovers will appreciate something like the Mega Man II “Dr. Wily Stage: Level 1” more than this one. That is because of the uniqueness in the making. The composers and their synchronized efforts to make it to be a stand out musical theme, is appreciated by majority of the fans in the social media site and the forums.

How do you rate a musical theme?

Beyond doubt, regardless of the technicalities involved in the affair, the number of fans and their votes are sure to determine the ratings. Reviews online are used as a point of reference to gauge the worth of the theme. Above all, there are musical elements that are given due priority of consideration as well. The depth in the amplitude placements will enhance the appeal. Modulating sound parameters enhance or diminish the output. Release parameters and the ways of controlling timing will add on to the overall value. Musical themes are rated by the expert musicians only based on all these essentials.