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Best NES Tracks Of All Times

If you were born in the eighties, chances are you spend your childhood and thumbs playing NES.

Starting with Super Mario Bros and moving on to Tetris and all the adventures that came afterwards, the soundtrack of those games was amazing.

This list is about the best NES tracks of all times and is full of nostalgia. Go, look for a big roll of tissue paper and read on.

Nubiles ET

Nubiles - Entertainment SeriesNubiles is very well known brand in the adult world and their newest production called simply Entertainment is all about making TV shows great again… with addition of adults-only storyline. While it might sound awkward it’s truly an epic journey into the fantasy worlds we all followed in TV – now with addition of perfect action!


Tetris had the best music of all the games I ever played in my NES console.

Tetris had the best music of all the games I ever played in my NES console. Later I learnt that it featured some songs by classical Russian composers like Igor Stravnsky. The feeling of rush when the music sped up and so did the figures was amazing.

Super Mario Bros

This is an epic game with matching music. Although it changed from one level to the next, every piece of music was great.

The dark theme of level 8 was especially good.

The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda

This is another super iconic game that started out in the arcades and was then turned into a NES version.

The music is as epic as the game and you´ll hum the melody for days after playing.

Final Fantasy

This is a classic but not as old as the previous ones. Music for Final Fantasy includes fanfares and synthesized trumpets. Did anyone say epic?

Mike Tyson´s Punch Out!

Mike Tyson´s Punch Out!

If there is one thing that a Mike Tyson game needs is pumping music.

Every match you play has the same tune, but you don´t get tired of it because it is as good as it gets.


Atmospheric music made with 8-bit instruments was Metroid´s bet. The bass notes and the sci-fi effects of the game make a great combination.

It makes it easier to get lost in Metroid universe with the selected music.


Guitar riffs on 8-bit synthesizers never sounded as good as they did in Contra.

It was an eighties breakthrough of action, blazing guns and bad guys going down the hill.

Contra is a powerful game and its music makes it even more so.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Who can forget the theme track for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I used to sing it out loud with my friends, buy the turtle dolls and spend hours playing to be Donatello or Leonardo.

The game´s music is by all means in the same level than that title track. It is a 100% enjoyable experience.

Wonder Boy 2

Going down on your skateboard shooting axes, killing the bad guys and experimenting that pumping music was a great way of spending time when I was young. Short time ago I played the game again and found the music still as haunting.


If this list didn´t bring you back to old times and big smiles then maybe you had a different childhood, but chances are if you are still here, you enjoyed them a lot.

Nowadays there are many NES emulators online and although the feeling is not the same, remembering those years is great.