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Yes, “NES” since its inception has enjoyed a good market share as far as gaming is concerned. The introduction of gaming consoles have transferred our homes into gaming zones where without any tokens you can enjoy un interrupted fascinating gameplay for hours. Though “NES” enjoys lesser market share as compared to its counterparts however the console has evolved through ages and has made it presence felt in every era. The NES has produced some of the best games throughout the ages and the music themes of these games are still remembered today.

I still remember the sound track of “Legend of Zelda”. The melody in the game is indelible and the music theme is very much similar with the Zelda franchise. The music theme is very infectious and perhaps this is the reason why the music theme of every new version of the game has an updated music theme which is based on the original theme.

The music theme of “Super Mario” is also something which I remember till today. The game was a super hit of its time and sound track of the game was very much top notch. The game had different themes as per the scenarios. For example there was an underground theme, castle theme and general theme. It can be said that the music theme of the game was one of the reason why it became a super hit back in those days.

If you have been a NES follower then you should be remembering the famous game Contra. The game was produced by Konami and naturally the music was superb. The game has a unique theme at every level. The music becomes better and better as you progress in the game and go to different levels. The sound track has a touch of diversity in it.

Ducktales was a famous NES game which is referred to as one of the best games produced on NES. The Music theme of the game was superb and during those days the theme which became highly popular was the one which could be heard during the moon stage. The music had a soft sci-fi feel and which would transform into a fast track beat.

The best knock out sound track which I still remember is that of the famous game “Punch-Out”. The game had a fight theme which was very much classic in nature.  I also cannot forget the timeless bicycle music and introduction music of individual characters.  The theme is still remembered today and has been remixed in pop culture as well various times. The game contained other themes as well such as losing theme and winning team etc.

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