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The Best 5, 8-bit Era Nintendo Songs

In the not too distant past, one of the best days any child could wish for was when they got a Nintendo Entertainment System from Santa during Christmas. For the more lucky ones however, they got it from their parents at any time of the year. There were many things to do on the game including losing at Contra, Duck Hunt dog shooting, using the silver arrow to beat Ganon and rescue operation for Princess Toadstool amongst others. The 2 factors which many addicts of this Nintendo will never forget is the pictures and the sound. Here are some of the best 5 8-bit era Nintendo songs.

Soundtrack at Dr Willy Stage: Level 1 of Mega Man II

Dr Willy Stage song was composed by Takashi Tateishi in 1988. The Mega Man II was a very nice game as it had everything a kid could ever wish for in a game during that period. The wicked weapons, hairpin controls and incredible design of levels amongst others. When  you have completed the 8th stage and then you arrive at the castle of Dr Willy with enough ammunitions for fight, you also get a great core melody and some countermelody in between The track was heroic and anxious, helping to add to the epic angle of the game’s end.

Soundtrack at The Moon Stage of DuckTales

The moon stage soundtrac was composed in 1989 by Hiroshige Tonomura. It was used in the Nintendo game – Ducktales. In the game, you play Uncle Scrooge who goes to seek out for 5 treasures that are lost. After travelling around the world, you have to get to the moon. You get some techno, robotic sounds when you get to this final stage. It was so interesting that a lot of people looked forward to the remix of the sun for the HD remastered version of the game.

Soundtrack at Opening of the Legend of Zelda

The soundtrack at the opening of the Nintendo 8-bit game ‘The Legend of Zelda’ was another nice tune that added to the adventure of the game. When the game started, this was the first song you get to hear, having percussive triplets and melodious high notes.

Soundtrack in Metroid

The soundtrack was composed in 1986 by Hirokazu Tanaka. The theme for the game had a percussion for military march to signal the beginning of a brave journey by the Queen – SasmumAran. The queen was sexy, silent and strong. She had an aim of vaporizing any space primate she happened to come across.

Soundtrack in Castlevania II

Even though the Castlevania II seems to be the less interesting amongst the Castlevania I, II and III, the soundtrack was however interesting enough to keep a lot of people looking forward to play the game. The dissonant minor chords created an atmosphere that was spooky as bloops and bleeps were used to create horror music.

Here are 5 soundtracks that just listening to them are just as interesting as playing the game and in some cases, even more interesting.