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Most Popular And The Best NES Original Soundtracks

NES or Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the finest music and soundtrack providers. There are so many reasons behind the popularity of the NES. Due to those reasons, NES remains so lovingly nostalgic and highly-regarded in the music. In the 1980’s, the compositions were limited, but those hindrances also helped to make the music so special for the games. The melodies were so catchy and influential. The main USP of the NES soundtracks is their originality and authenticity. That’s why these soundtracks are still so popular.

Top original soundtracks by the NES

In video games, diversity of the music is extremely important to make it more effective. In such scenario, NES takes the entire scene to the next level. Here are the best and most popular original NES soundtracks:

(1985) Super Mario Bros.: What is more recognizable than the Super Mario game. The leading character of this game is a plumber which is like an identity of NES. The theme and music are immediately identifiable to the people from different age groups and cultures. The soundtrack of the game is the highest notch. From the underground theme to the leading castle theme, the soundtrack received a lot of appreciation. It is one of the most popular games with the highly appreciated original soundtrack.

(1988) Contra: If you are 80’s or 90’s born kid, then you must be aware of the game Contra. The game delivers the best in the department of the music. As fast as you push the start button on the screen, the music fills the entire room with the sound effects. Every level is equipped with its own uniquely designed theme, which gets better and better with the level progression. According to experts, the soundtrack of the Contra is amazingly diverse and good.

(1989) Ducktales: The game is based on the TV cartoon series of the similar name, Ducktales. It is an amazing action play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you ask the people about the best NES themes and soundtrack, there are strong chances that you’d here the name of the moon stage theme in the Ducktales game. The stage has such a beautiful and flawless melody with a smooth sci-fi effect. It is another popular and top-rated game for the NES original soundtrack.

(1987) Mike Tyson’s Punch Out: It is the extremely popular game among the teenagers. The game has an amazing knockout soundtrack. Every character has a specific intro section and changeless bicycle-training composition. The amazing soundtrack includes the winning, losing, and opponent counts on the list.

(1989) The Mega Man 2: A kid with the blue robotic dress is everyone’s favorite. The game starts with the happy and soothing melody. The entire series had the incredible and the best soundtrack of the time. Only three things are sufficient to define the awesomeness of the game and they are the tremendous game, catchy melodies and attractive themes. Everything was just awesome.

Attractive themes and original soundtracks make the game popular and different. NES is popular for its unique soundtracks and infectious melodies. Above games are the best ever example of the popularity of the NES.