The Best Video Game Soundtracks of all Time

Music and video games are inseparable since they always go hand in hand. This is so because you find that most of the games have some background music as you play the games. Pop into any play station and you will find that most if not all of the games are fitted with some music so that they may attract more players. It does not matter if you are playing online or the game is a downloaded one. Music forms a concrete part of the games. This is the reason behind the marriage between games and music being said that it is a permanent glue stick.

As you play your games, ensure that the music is licensed so that you do not attract heft penalties in your business or your comfort at home. You will be nabbed and the experience with the authorities will be a nasty one. Play licensed music even as you play the games. This article highlights some best video games for you and the beats that accompany each game.

Sidenote: We all know that soundtrack to new series of Fake Driving School isn’t needed, but if you could choose just one title for its theme music, what would it be? Tell us in comments!

Shovel Knight with Jake Kaufman, 2014

An excellent 8 bit game will certainly need a corresponding 8 bit sound track. The developers of the NES game Shovel Knight were alive to this fact and they had to ensure that the attention paid to the games was paramount to the one paid to the music. Thanks to Jake Kaufman, the game was developed and his music blended so easily and so well that it has been a favorite through the ages. The chip tunes that Jake Kaufman made in his music were instrumental in bringing more life to Shovel Knight. The game is now more convincing, interesting, and captivating.

Al Lowe: Leisure Suit Larry in the land of the Lounge Lizards, 1987

Even though this game has no much class as the Journey, the composer of the beats, Alex Wintory, scores greatly in this. However, the real class of this game is the music by Roland MT-32 since it perfectly fits into the Lost Wages vacation. Winning the games translates to having the ostensible virgin who is aged 40 years to get laid. The game has class though some people do not see any class in that.

Secret of evermore; Jeremy Soule and Julian Soule, 1995

This is the only game that was designed in North America by Square. After the release of the game, word went round that the game was an improvement of the earlier game from the West that was referred to as the Secret of Mana. These two games shared untold and incalculable similarities. Square, the developer of the game in North America did not have in mind the Seiken Densetsu 3 which was the original version of Secret of Mana. Square has vehemently denied this even though this was not about to save the game from harsh backlash from all corners. Be that as it may, secret of evermore is a unique game since it has its specialty. The game is special since it has unique musical beats on the background.