NES Games With The Best Ever Soundtracks

The Nintendo Entertainment System is better known as the NES. Previously, resources and compositions were limited. Still, the NES had created some of the finest and appreciable milestones in the gaming world. The music was extremely specific and unique tothat time. The soundtracks were catchy and powerful. The NES soundtracks were popular because of their authenticity and uniqueness. There are countless NES game soundtracks available, which are still significant.

Best Soundtracks till now in the NES games

After theme, soundtracks are the most important part of any game. Today, the scenario is completely changed. All the providers put their 100% to make the sound effects more infectious and creative. The NES had marked its name with golden words in this particular area. Here are the glimpses of the best soundtracks of the NES.

Mega Man-2: When we discussed the best soundtracks, ‘The Mega Man-2’ is the first name that comes up in the mind. According to gaming experts, this game had the best soundtrack ever. Magnificent game, melodious music and outstanding themes, everything had been just perfect in this game. The ‘Mega Man-2’ had a thousand of unforgettable melodies.

Wizards and Warriors: Mr. David Wise was the person behind the popular music of the game Wizards and Warriors. The game was full of action and swords. The game is also considered as the most adventurous and neat action game with special soundtracks. The music and soundtracks of the game wereunbelievable. The title screen song is extremely amazing. If you get some leisure time, listen to it.

Super Mario-2 and Super Mario-3: The cute plumber character of the game is the main identity of the NES. In fact, this is said to be the furthermost Mario games of all the time. As far as the soundtrack is concerned, it was extremely catchy and upbeat. From world ghost house theme to most famous castle theme, music was the only thing that holds the entire game brilliantly. The Super Mario Series is a highly-rated game in the entire world because of its unique and catchy soundtrack with awesome themes.

The Legend of Zelda: It is another game, which is extremely popular for the amazing and unique soundtrack. The soundtrack of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is very adventurous. The entire music score is just pure Zelda. The dungeon theme is the most commendable one.

Battletoads: The game is considered as the hardest game on the NES, even many people said to be the hardest game of all the times. When it comes to music and soundtrack, they just make the game perfect and must-play. When you hear the soundtrack, you will actually feel that you are inside the screen and playing the game in reality. The soundtrack provides the realistic effects while playing the game.

Soundtracks can make the game popular and sometimes worst. Being a player, everyone wants a fabulous sound effect so that they can enjoy the game like never before. Hence, the NES had set the standard for the others to make the most infectious melodies.