The Top 10 Nintendo Game Soundtracks Ever

One of the reasons why the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System, depending on which you prefer to call it, is very popular is due to the soundtracks that came with the games. The game had an 8-bit sound and therefore there was limitation to the quality of sound that the system had the ability to play. Despite the limitation however, game makers were able to creatively use bloops and bleeps to create good sounds and melodies that were catchy and interesting. The considered factors while making this list include the impact of the song on the game, how addictive the sound was and the number of different soundtracks in the game.

The Legend of Zelda Soundtracks

The soundtracks in the Legend of Zelda were very interesting and one of the best amongst NES games soundtracks. Anybody that hears the tune will quickly remember the game due to how easy it is to recognize it and its infectiousness. You can listen to the sound from here: httpss://

Super Mario Bros

There is probably no way you would have played Nintendo that you will not have played Super Mario Bros. There is also no way that you would have played the game that you will not be able to recognize its sound anywhere you hear it. You can listen to the track from here: httpss://


Contra is one game where every part of the game was greatly done, even the soundtrack. You get to hear relentless soundtracks from the moment you start the game. Each stage also has a different soundtrack. You can listen to the soundtracks here: httpss://


Ducktales was a game based on the TV series of the same name. The sound of the game is easily the best for many people that played the game and many other NES games. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://

Mega Man II

The robot used in the game is a robot every kid grew that has played Mega man II on NES grew up to love. The boss select theme and menu theme are amongst the major reasons why kids loved the game. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

When you play Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, you are sure to hear a number of themes. The themes include the theme for timeless bicycle training, personal intros for every character and the classic theme for fighting amongst others. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://

Final Fantasy

The game had a very nice soundtrack including the opening theme for the title screen and the battle theme amongst others. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://


You get to witness simple sports and stories, several actions and a dope-ass soundtrack. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://

Batman: The Video Game

The perfect, ominous and dark theme for the screen of the title seems to give you an insight into the intense fighting you will be engaged in, while playing the game. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://


There are still a number of people that have never being able to complete this game, as it is very difficult to play. You however get a nice soundtrack that complements each stage’s pace and setting. You can listen to the soundtrack here: httpss://

For all of these games, their soundtrack was also a major part of why people loved to play the game. You get to appreciate the music you hear as you catch fun fighting or moving around the characters on the screen.